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Sorting Saturday: Using Snapfish to Organize Your Digital Photos

I’m a woman on a mission.  The mission?  Organizing nearly a decade worth of digital genealogy files.  Anyone who’s been bitten by the genealogy bug can tell you a decade spent in genealogy research equals an absurd amount of notes, contacts, emails, and scanned images.

So far the mission is moving slowly, but it is moving.  I have already moved all of my digital notes over to Evernote and created an Evernote Hello contact list.  Both of these things took some time and freed up some massive space on my hard drive.  My next step in the digitization process is to sort through the thousands of photos I have stored on Snapfish.  I love Snapfish (even though they require you to buy photos from time to time), because they give you free unlimited storage, their iPhone app is amazing, and it’s relatively easy for users to manage and organize stored images.

Using Snapfish to Organize Family Photos

Using Snapfish to Organize Family Photos

As you can see, I have multiple numbered Family History albums – each one containing over a thousand photos.  The photos are labeled with name, date, and place – but they are jumbled together with the Sanfords among the Owens along with the Mills and Cochrans.  Trying to locate a single image in these folders is something like trying to find a needle in the haystack.  To fix this problem, I have created an album for each surname I am researching and started transferring photos from the Family History albums into the album with the appropriate last name.  Time consuming?  Absolutely.  Redundant?  Mind-numbingly.  Worth it?  Definitely.

Does anyone else use Snapfish to organize their genealogy photos?  I would be very interested in hearing any tips that might make my task a bit easier.

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