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In Review: September 2012

In Review is a moment the Misfit reserves for reflection on the important things that have occurred over the last month:  important dates, upcoming events, the top posts you may have missed, noteworthy articles by other bloggers, and things that are happening in the genealogy world at large.

September 2012’s Top News:

  • The “Share a Memory” Contest sponsored by Not Your Mother’s Genealogy and DearMyrtle ends tonight
  • It was announced that the Georgia State Archives will be closing on 1 Nov 2012
  • MyHeritage.com launched its automatic record matching premium service
  • footnoteMaven made its first post since February 2012 (it was a repost, but still leaves one to wonder if the blog will soon be posting regularly again).  :)

The Sanford Family Misfit’s Most Popular Posts of September 2012:

  1. Embracing My Heritage: The Clogging Tradition
  2. The Life of Daniel Bryan Cochran
  3. Technology Tuesday: Interactive Tombstones
  4. Mystery Monday: Ellie Smith and James W. Ledford
  5. Chester Reeves Cochran

Important Family News for September 2012:

  • Uncle Lane

    Uncle Lane

    Lane Cochran celebrated a birthday

  • Jean Lanning celebrated a birthday
  • Nicki Medford celebrated a birthday
  • Jerry Blalock celebrated a birthday
  • September 3 would have marked Daryl Sanford and Kristie Farmer’s 21st wedding anniversary
  • Linda Holt has announced that the Reunion for the Descendants of Adolphus Eugene Mills and Nora Ruth Simpson will happen the week of 19 Jun 2013 – 26 Jun 2013

New Kid on the Block:

Of Graveyards and Things is my favorite new kid on the block at Geneabloggers.  I fell in love with the posts Mystery Monday: The Unidentified Friends and Family of Maria Jane (Peeples) Publicover Gloucester and Beverly, Essex, Mass – the accompanied photos are absolutely gorgeous.

Notable Posts From Other Bloggers:

The Misfit’s September 2012 Suggested Read:

North Carolina Pottery: The Collection of the Mint Museums

If you come from a North Carolina family who has ties to the pottery community – you really should read North Carolina Pottery: The Collection of the Mint Museums.  I found three of my ancestors in the book and was stoked to find not only photos of their art, but also brief descriptions about their families and background information on their work as potters.

September is over!  Now I’m going to kick back with a glass of wine and get started on next months posts.  :)

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  1. Sierra

    Thanks for the shout out Cassie! I love the biographies you have been writing.

    1. The Misfit

      You are very welcome and thank you! I really enjoyed your post about taking your children along with you to the cemetery too. It hit home for me, because I’m constantly dragging my kids with me to one cemetery or another. :)

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